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Ich geb die hier mal eine Liste, auf der alle Embleme versehen sind. Sie ist zwar in Englisch, doch ich denke leicht zu verstehen.

[code:1]Emblem A: Use the ZANTETSU sword to kill all the metal creatures in the Painting in Area 1. You'll release some ivy that leads to an area containing the Emblem. (walk around)

Emblem B: Once the soul of the man who "knows everything about Castle Magridd" joins you, go back into the Torture Chamber section of Area 6, and look around for invisible chests. One of them contains the Emblem.

Emblem C: In Area 2, the right-hand squirrel in the right-hand tree (the tree with the 'hungry' squirrel) will give you the Emblem.

Emblem D: In Area 3, you will free a sleeping dolphin who appears in the prison area (where Lue is being held captive). Use the Dream Rod on him, then equip the Great Pearl and talk to him while you're in his dream. Step on the monster lair he was standing on in the dream. Back in the real world, you should find a path on the west side of the area just before the final boss. The path leads to an area with 4 chests, one of which contains the Emblem.

Emblem E: In Area 4, you will free a snail, into a room that doesn't seem to have any entrances. It has a hidden passage (it looks like rock, but you can walk through it) leading into it. From your blue transport square in the 'town', try to walk into the wall to the southwest of you. You'll find the path, if you have freed the snail. He'll give you the Emblem.

Emblem F: You'll find a sleeping mushroom in Area 4 (inside the punishment room). Make note of where he's standing in his dream (use the Dream Rod). Then go back to that spot in the real world, and you'll find the Emblem. (It's in the action area just before the Boss).

Emblem G: In Area 5, on the first floor of Leo's house, there is a room in the southwest corner containing a dresser, a plant, and a cat. Push the dresser to the west, the Emblem is underneath. (I have no idea how you were supposed to realize this -- I called Nintendo and asked them.)

Emblem H: In Area 6, when you free the guard that causes the castle to be rebuilt (along the northern edge of the town), the Emblem will appear along the outer wall of the castle. From your blue transport square, just walk outside and go west. [/code:1]

Tugend... Braucht es wirklich einen Grund, jemanden zu helfen?(Zidane Tribal)

Jedes Herz hat im tiefsten Innern einen dunklen Kern, weil jedes Herz der Dunkelheit entspringt./Wer nichts weiss, kann auch nichts verstehen.(Ansem, Kingdom Hearts)

Willst du den wahren Charakter eines Menschen erkennen, so gebe ihm Macht...
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